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Comedy TV Series 8 Simple Rules (season 1, 2, 3, 4) was released in 2004-09-24 by American Broadcasting Company Channel. Serial was created by Kathy Ann Stumpe, Seth Kurland, directed by James Widdoes, James Widdoes. Cast include Katey Sagal, Kaley Cuoco, Amy Davidson, Martin Spanjers, James Garner, David Spade, Sam Horrigan, Adam Arkin. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 7.1/ 10.

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FirstDay of School

air day: 2004-09-24

Understandingthat Kerry is dragging her feet over harming up with Kyle, Bridget takes it after herself to do it for her brother or sister– which simply makes problems even worse forKerry Cate is made use of the setup of university signed up nurse by Principal Ed Gibb, along with Rory’s preliminary day of high university verifies embarrassing when he needs to strike the showers after gym training course.



air day: 2004-10-01

Theyoung people question Cate’s objectives when they return from their summertime season journeys along with discover that she has really bought a new bed along with changed her hairstyle. After travelling using Europe over the summertime season, Kerry satisfied along with had a fling with a youngster – which leaves Bridget jealous along with Kerry examining specifically just what to do worrying sweetie Kyle; new high university Student Body President Bridget is motivated likewise in addition that life is an allure competitors after taking a trip to Washington, DC over the summertime season; along with after a scientifically depressed Jim quits working to recover the enjoys of his companion in Florida, Rory aims to help him quit smoking cigarettes– which is made facility by Jim’s expedition that C.J. was responsible for their irreconciliation.



air day: 2004-10-08

AfterCate authorizes the setup of university signed up nurse from Principal Gibb (AdamArkin, “” Chicago Hope””), Bridget along with Kerry are convinced that she simply took the job to sleuth on them– while Rory is delighted that his mother might be able to secure him from an university bully. After Bridget mistakenly sprinkles the beans worrying Kerry losing her virginity in Europe, a surprised Cate inadvertently switches on the university’s P.A. system along with enables the whole student body know their adhering to conversation.


Outof plan

air day: 2004-10-15

When Bridget mistakenly makes a mockery from her art job at the buying mall,Kerryis livid. When fellow artist as well as young hottie Tyler asks her out on a day, She swiftly overlooks worrying Bridget. Tyler’s functions might not be completely genuine. While C.J. situates himself setting out at price dating, Jim discovers that he’s a struck with the ladies-which even more shames his socially ineffective grand boy.



air day: 2004-10-22

Bridgetalong with Kerry are delighted when Cate hands them the keys to the minivan, with the exemption of one specification– they supervise of owning Rory any kind of location he need to go. When the girls fail to give on their guarantee to chauffeur their little brother or sister, he differs right into his own hands along with initiatives to possess himself– along with mishaps the cars and trucks as well as vehicle in the treatment.



air day: 2004-10-29

Kerryinquiries Bridget’s capacity to produce the university’s Halloween occasion as element of her Student Body President jobs. C.J. is collaborated with as the occasion’s security as well as security personnel along with develops his sights on recording Rory draining a technique, along with Jim situates himself under strike by the location young people when he decreases to hand out pleasant to the trick-or-treaters.


Coach(a.k.a. Tennis Coach)

air day: 2004-11-05

Bridgetis distressed to join the high school tennis team when she develops a crush on Coach Scott (DanCortese, “” Veronica’s Closet,”””” MTV Sports””). When she finds that Scott has a crush on Cate, Her infatuation rapidly changes to disgust. Kerry along with Rory begin to question the reputation of Jim’s fight stories while browsing using his fight top body.



air day: 2004-11-12

When they all find themselves hiding from one-another,Everybodyin the Hennessy home is terrified the humming of the phone. Rory picks not to disclose the recognition of the student accountable of pestering along with beating him up at university, which leads Principal Gibb (AdamArkin) on an objective to find the offender along with educate Cate; Bridget along with Kerry use bogus IDs to get right into a club, where Bridget meets a cute male along with deals him her phone number– before revealing that he’s a cops (ColbyDonaldson, “” Survivor””); Cate does not want the home to recognize that Bridget’s tennis teacher, Scott (DanCortese), stays in cozy pursuit to get her to go out on a day with him; along with C.J. is averted along with disregards to obtain Rory’s pain medication, which leads the pharmacologist to call your home to discover if Rory’s ALRIGHT.


ThanksgivingGuest (a.k.a. Thanksgiving)

air day: 2004-11-26

Whilethe home prepares Thanksgiving dinner for Cate to give her some much called for time out, she’s left to definitely nothing to do up till she makes an unexpected site visitor while on an obligation– Principal Ed Gibb (AdamArkin, “” Chicago Hope””). While C.J. deep-fries the turkey, Bridget along with Kerry spar over pie meals; Jim uncouples the TELEVISION in a shocking initiative to repair it; along with Cate situates herself with an insurance policy protection insurance company the day after the holiday to find out that was responsible for losing down the garage.



air day: 2004-12-03

AfterBridget is denied for an obligation in a cars and trucks business, Jim discovers that the head of the modeling firm that decreased her is his old fire Jackie (RaquelWelch). When he intends to urge her to reassess his granddaughter, Jim rapidly situates himself remembering over old times– along with possibly restoring their love. Kerry along with Rory discover a secret worrying C.J.’s previous modeling experiences.



air day: 2004-12-10

When she finds that tennis forerunners from Princeton are relating to her university to see her wager a viable scholarship,Bridgetis delighted. When Bridget’s university limits her to play given that of a poor high quality, Cate needs to select whether to use her authority as university signed up nurse to help her kid out. If he might spend one night alone in the attic space, Jim ensures a concerned C.J. that he’ll give up his room.


A Very C.J. Christmas (also known as. A(****************************************************** )(******************************************************************************************************************************************************** )Christmas)

. air day: 2004-12-17

Tokeep C.J. from spending Christmas alone in Las Vegas, the Hennessy home bends over backwards to recreate amongst Cate’s preliminary holiday memories to entice him to stay. Rory identifies to harm up with his abundant companion when he hesitates that he will certainly not have the ability to obtain her a Christmas existing beneficial of her leading training course standing.



air day: 2005-01-07

Cateis shocked to discover that Principal Gibb (AdamArkin, “” Chicago Hope””) has really collaborated with C.J. to be a substitute teacher at the high school. When C.J. records Rory disloyalty on an assessment, he is torn worrying reporting it when Cate tries to urge him to look the numerous other methods. When Bridget damages her leg given that of Kerry’s oversight, she makes her little brother or sister’s life a living issue.


C.J.’s Temptation

air day: 2005-01-07

WhileCate situates herself winding up envying of Principal Ed Gibb’s (AdamArkin, “” Chicago Hope””) new companion, Cheryl (PamelaAnderson), C.J. is asked by Ed to help tutor Cheryl for her G.E.D.s– along with locates himself inadvertently being appealed by her. Rory truly feels awkward after Cate inadvertently disrupts him throughout an individual min.



air day: 2005-01-14

Aftersending an email to previous college fire Matt (EdO’Neill) to see simply exactly how he’s been dealing with the years, Cate winds up being fed up with the unreasonable demands of her home along with locks herself in her room for some alone time. She’s shocked when Matt exposes up at her residence window along with blends her off to re-live some bold, old times – afterwards she begins to analyze if his rebel lifestyle is just a front.



air day: 2005-01-21

WhenCate along with C.J. discover that Kerry has really been e-mailing Bruno– the young kid she had a fling with in Europe– they independently intend to sleuth in her computer system to discover specifically just what both have really depended upon. Unbeknownst to them, Bruno remains in the residence along with hidden in the attic space by Kerry, while Bridget tries her perfect to talk her little brother or sister from doing something she might be sorry for. Jim discovers Rory’s personal on the internet casino poker computer game along with identifies to deal himself into inform Rory along with his friends a lesson worrying video gaming.



air day: 2005-01-28

Cate’s intended wrongdoings at Kerry’s coastline sphere computer game daunt to make her team forgo the match. C.J. has a crush on Kerry’s coastline sphere teacher (previous Pro Beach coastline sphere player Gabrielle Reece), along with Bridget winds up being puzzled when among her friends begins dating her ex-boyfriend.



air day: 2005-02-04

Complyingwith a viewing of “” Freaky Friday””where she left to rest, Cate stimulates to find that she along with Bridget have really switched bodies, as have C.J. along with Grampa along with Rory along with his hamster. While Kerri takes a break along with values their scenario, Bridget begins getting a kick out of having her mom’s hot body while Cate could not stand her being in her kid’s body each of the minute.


TornBetween Two Lovers

air day: 2005-02-11

Valentine’s Day situates C.J. in a situation when he devotes to 2 numerous Valentine’s Day days – Principal Gibb’s ex-girlfriend, Cheryl (PamelaAnderson), along with Bridget along with Kerry’s high-strung maths teacher,Mrs Krupp. Bridget’s enjoyment over being decided to the court of the Valentine’s Day dance– with a possibility to be crowned Queen of Hearts– swiftly changes to shock when she discovers that Cheryl is similarly in the operating.


C.J.’s Real Dad

air day: 2005-02-18

C.J. is shocked along with delighted when his all-natural papa (DannyWoodburn, reoccuring on “” Seinfeld””as Mickey Abbott) âEUR” an inspiring sound speaker along with “” little specific””âEUR” reveals himself for the initial time to his defiant youngster. Jim does not depend on the man along with thinks he might have alternative objectives for the check out. Recording artist Ruben Studdard makes a cameo appearance.


TheAfter Party

air day: 2005-03-04

Afterrefuting Bridget’s need to throw a “safe” after-prom occasion in a hotel room, Cate identifies to throw an university- authorized occasion at your home which totally reproaches her young people. Kerry tries making a political statement by inviting a girl to the prom, along with Rory is pleased when a cozy senior asks him to the dance.


TheTeachers Lounge

air day: 2005-04-01

Formallyan irreversible teacher, C.J. is pleased to inevitably get ease of access to the trainers’ lounge. He rapidly situates himself being bothered from the room by the university’s quick-tempered Home Ec instructor,Mr Edwards. Rory wishes to delight a girl, so Bridget along with Kerry take it after themselves to give him a full- fledged improvement.



air day: 2005-04-08

AfterPrincipal Gibb (AdamArkin, “” Chicago Hope””) along with Cate rest at your home while seeing a movie, the home records them along with incorrectly assumes that both are having a link. Bridget, Kerry, Rory along with C.J. are urged to go ice-fishing with Jim in order to spend premium quality time with their grandfather – nonetheless unbeknownst to them, Jim would absolutely a whole lot rather be laid off along with is urged to keep up a delighted fagade.



air day: 2005-04-15

AfterC.J. discovers that Cate might be starting an exclusive collaboration with Principal Gibb, he squeals it toBridget A crazy Cate pays back by having Gibb put C.J. liable of the worry of students on Ditch Day, along with C.J. pays back by limitingBridget Due to that she is embeded worry along with could not end up the ditch day method herself, Bridget encourages Kerry along with Rory to take the completing university’s mascot. Nicole Richie (“”The Simple Life””) site visitor stars as one of Bridget’s fellow detainees.

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