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Action, Comedy, Drama TV Series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (season 1-4, 5, 6, 7, 8) was released in 1999-10-05 by The WB Television Network Channel. Serial was created by Joss Whedon, David Grossman, directed by Joss Whedon, Marti Noxon. Cast include Sarah Michelle Gellar, Emma Caulfield, Amber Benson, Kristine Sutherland, Nicholas Brendon, Anthony Stewart Head, Marc Blucas, Dagney Kerr. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 8.2/ 10.

Series info

The fourth season of the tv series Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered on October 5, 1999, on The WB Tv Community and concluded its 22-episode season on Might 23, 2000. It maintained its earlier timeslot, airing Tuesdays at eight:00 pm ET. Starting with this season, the character of Angel was given his personal series, titled Angel, which aired on The WB following Buffy. Varied Buffy characters made appearances in Angel, together with Buffy herself; Cordelia Chase, previously a daily in Buffy, and Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, who appeared in Buffy season three, turned regulars in Angel.

Vampires and demons more than anything else want to destroy the main character of the series “Buffy – the Vampire Slayer.” But the girl is not easy to scare. She is brave strong and most importantly – Buffy has loyal friends ready to get her out of any alterations. For seven s girl is fighting against evil regularly repulsing the attacks of monsters. Plans monsters each time becoming more insidious and dangerous but a born Vampire Slayer ready for anything just to ensure a peaceful civilian life …

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Episode Guide


The Freshman

air date: 1999-10-05

Buffy strikes into her dorm and makes an attempt to regulate to school life. The whole lot round her appears to have modified with out the fixed interplay with the gang she had in Excessive Faculty. With Giles turning into a ‘gentleman of leisure’, Willow getting increasingly more enthusiastic about school and Xander nonetheless away on his street journey, she once more believes that she should combat and survive on her personal when she discovers a gang of robust vampires working on campus.


Residing Situations

air date: 1999-10-12

Dorm life proves to be a problem as Buffy has to take care of a roommate who’s greater than just a little bit troublesome. Kathy frequently imposes her idiosyncrasies onto Buffy and even begins to invade her goals which has Buffy appearing just a bit too unusual about the scenario. Buffy units her sights on Parker Abrams, the first school man to pay her any consideration, however when Kathy turns into extra pleasant with him than her, Buffy declares that she should kill Kathy.


The Harsh Mild of Day

air date: 1999-10-19

Spike returns to Sunnydale along with his new girlfriend Concord who’s now additionally a vampire. Spike is trying to find the Gem of Amara – a stone which makes vampires invulnerable, which he believes is buried someplace beneath Sunnydale. Buffy is preoccupied together with her budding relationship with Parker and sleeps with him however he proceeds to disregard her. In the meantime Anya returns and throws herself at a flabbergasted Xander.


Worry, Itself

air date: 1999-10-26

To assist Buffy recover from the ache of getting been utilized by Parker, the gang head to a fraternity Halloween celebration anticipating just a few low cost scares and a little bit of innocent enjoyable. Sadly, some unintended magic turns the celebration right into a home of horrors the place everybody’s fears come to life.


Beer Unhealthy

air date: 1999-11-02

Nonetheless attempting to come back to phrases with Parker’s womanising, Buffy begins to hang around at the school bar the place she and a bunch of upperclass college students actually regress once they begin ingesting a ‘particular’ beer.


Wild at Coronary heart

air date: 1999-11-09

Ouncesescapes from his cage throughout a full moon and runs throughout one other werewolf, the sultry, horny singer Veruca; and wakes up subsequent to her bare in the wilderness the subsequent morning.


The Initiative

air date: 1999-11-16

Spike, after being captured by the commandos, is being held hostage by them in a hi-tech facility beneath the College. He manages to flee and heads to seek out Buffy, whom he assumes is behind this. As an alternative, he finds Willow…



air date: 1999-11-23

Angel covertly involves Sunnydale fearing Buffy is at risk after Doyle’s imaginative and prescient of her in Angel. Whereas digging for a brand new Cultural Centre at the school, Xander falls right into a sacred Indian burial space and releases Hus, a vengeance spirit of the Chumash Indians, the authentic residents of the Sunnydale space. Buffy is busily planning a standard residence cooked Thanksgiving whereas individuals round Sunnydale are being killed and Xander will get sicker and sicker. Hus summons a bunch of warriors and so they assault Buffy and the gang at Giles’ home. With Angel’s assist they repel the attackers till Buffy finds a strategy to kill Hus. As they sit right down to dinner Xander lets it slip that Angel was on the town.


One thing Blue

air date: 1999-11-30

Willow, in her try and recover from Oz, casts a spell that finally ends up inflicting all kinds of chaos for the gang. Giles goes blind, Xander turns into a demon magnet, and Buffy and Spike fall in love and get engaged.



air date: 1999-12-14

All the city of Sunnydale goes silent when a bunch of fairy story demons known as The Gents seem and steal everybody’s voices. With out being weak to the one factor that may kill them (a human scream) they’re free to steal the hearts of seven individuals. Buffy and gang should clear up the thriller and overcome the unhealthy guys with out having the ability to focus on something.



air date: 2000-01-18

Buffy and Riley must work out their relationship given their new understanding of what they do. An earthquake rocks Sunnydale and Buffy worries that it might signify the finish of the world. They discover out a few group of demons who’re on the town gathering sacred gadgets which collectively have the energy to finish the world. When the plans of the demons are uncovered, the gang should return to their former sanctum inside the dilapidated Sunnydale Excessive Faculty (the library) to cease the Hellmouth from opening.


A New Man

air date: 2000-01-25

At Buffy’s 19th party, Giles lastly realises that he’s a middle-aged man hanging round with a bunch of youngsters and begins to get depressed about his life. He feels much more like the third wheel when he finds out about Riley and the Initiative, which Buffy uncared for to inform him about. When Ethan Rayne returns to city, as a substitute of kicking his butt again to England, Giles goes for a drink with him. The subsequent morning Giles wakes up and notices that he has was a demon.


The I in Workforce

air date: 2000-02-08

Buffy turns into conversant in the Initiative and begins to work with them though they’re nonetheless unaware of her true energy as a Slayer. After Buffy abandons her pals at the Bronze for a mission with the Initiative, Buffy and Riley consummate their relationship unaware that they’re being watched on a hidden digicam by Walsh. In the meantime, Giles and the remainder of the gang take away a monitoring system the commandos shot into Spike’s again.


Goodbye Iowa

air date: 2000-02-15

Buffy and Riley get mutually suspicious of one another when Buffy reveals that Professor Walsh tried to have her killed. When Professor Walsh is discovered lifeless issues get much more out of hand, with the commandos fast responsible Buffy. Riley is much more agitated when he sees Buffy with Spike (hostile 17) after which once more at Willy’s Place. Riley progressively will get sicker and we be taught that the commandos have been taking treatment to extend their energy. In the meantime the man-demon-machine Adam that Professor Walsh created is roaming Sunnydale and even Buffy can not seem to cease him.


This 12 months’s Woman (1)

air date: 2000-02-22

Religion, nonetheless in a coma in the hospital, is dreaming of being pursued by Buffy. Riley, partially recovered from his encounter with Adam leaves the Initiative infirmary and joins up with Buffy. Whereas Buffy and gang plot methods to go after Adam, Buffy finds out that Religion has awoken. Religion needs revenge and confronts Buffy. A message from the Mayor and a mysterious system come to Religion via a good friend of the Mayor’s (a demon who Religion kills). Later Religion goes after Joyce in her own residence and naturally Buffy arrives to avoid wasting the day. Religion makes use of the system with unknown powers earlier than Buffy strikes her down.


Who Are You? (2)

air date: 2000-02-29

After Religion switches our bodies with Buffy through the system that was left for her by the Mayor, she begins to slide into Buffy’s life. When the police strive to remove Religion (Buffy in Religion’s physique) she is kidnapped by a particular group from the Watcher’s Council. As Buffy tries in useless to persuade them that she is just not Religion, Religion in Buffy’s physique is out having an excellent time. Willow makes an attempt to introduce Tara to Buffy however when Tara senses that one thing is amiss they carry out a spell which uncovers the swap. The person/demon/machine Adam has decided that his goal is to kill and recruits some vampires to assist. The vampires take over a church and each Religion and Buffy arrive to cease them. Utilizing a Katra that Willow and Tara conjured, Buffy will get her personal physique again and Religion runs and disappears and not using a hint.


Famous person

air date: 2000-04-04

Buffy, Willow, Xander and Anya are out searching vampires and kill one in every of a pair. They monitor the different to a nest and resolve to name in the huge weapons and go to… Jonathan.


The place the Wild Issues Are

air date: 2000-04-25

Buffy and Riley are spending all their time in mattress (and so they’re not sleeping). Their round-the-clock exploration of one another awakens the spirits of youngsters who have been sexually repressed by their foster mom again when Lowell Home was a house for orphaned and runaway children. Willow, Giles and Tara divert the offended youngsters whereas Xander and Anya go to try to cease Buffy and Riley.


New Moon Rising

air date: 2000-05-02

Tara and Willow’s relationship appears to be progressing when Ouncesreturns to city. By his travels Ounceshas discovered a mixture of charms, potions and meditation that permits him to keep away from turning right into a werewolf. When Ouncesdiscovers that Willow and Tara are greater than pals he loses management and as a werewolf chases Tara.


The Yoko Issue (1)

air date: 2000-05-09

Adam enlists Spike to show the gang towards one another, leaving Buffy alone and helpless. Spike performs on their fears of how the others understand them, telling Xander that Willow and Buffy not assume that they want him and that he could be higher off becoming a member of the Military; telling Willow that Xander and Buffy consider her experimenting with magick is only a section; and elaborating on Giles’ personal beliefs that he not must be in Sunnydale. Giles finally ends up drunk whereas Buffy, Willow and Xander combat. Angel comes from L.A. to apologize to Buffy after their combat over Religion in ‘Angel’ however he finally ends up combating with Riley. Buffy sees Adam kill Forrest and tells Riley. The distraught Riley goes to confront Adam whereas Buffy determines she has to face him alone.


Primeval (2)

air date: 2000-05-16

Adam tells Riley that he has a habits modification chip wired to his central nervous system behind his coronary heart. By the chip Adam has management over Riley. When Buffy discover Spike in Adam’s cave she figures out that he deliberately tried to separate up the gang. Buffy tells the remainder of them and the discover that Adam needs Buffy to go to the Initiative as a part of his plan. Xander means that they want the energy of all the gang members mixed to defeat Adam and Giles agrees. The gang all break into the Initiative.



air date: 2000-05-23

Buffy, Xander, Giles and Willow sit down to look at movies after defeating Adam. They enter a weird dream world the place they’re pursued by a primitive power that they launched through their enjoining spell.

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