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Drama, Fantasy, Horror TV Series The Vampire Diaries (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) was released in 2014-10-02 by The CW Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen, Kat Graham, Candice King, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 7.8/ 10.

Series info

Season 6 complies with the personalities’ trip back per various other as they check out the duality of inside themselves. Michael Malarkey signs up with the actors as Enzo, an old vampire good friend from Damon’s past, and also Matt Davis repeats his duty as Alaric Saltzman, just recently returned from The Opposite.

It would seem: the sixth part of the series, how else can beat the story to the audience interested in it but it did not look too intrusive? And it can be very well possible! The plot is still a place for mystery and enigma. Talk about the details so far only known sooner that the plot of the new sixth season will be different from anything that viewers have seen before. Obraduem all those who liked the character appeared briefly Michael Malarkey: now it will become a permanent character. And it is possible that the show will return Alaric!

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I’ll Keep in mind

air day: 2014-10-02

After investing the previous 4 months dealing with the loss of Damon in a non-traditional and also possibly harmful means, Elena has actually gone back to Whitmore University for the begin of student year. Incapable to carry on, Caroline is hopeless to locate a method to turn around the anti-magic spell the Travelers have actually placed over Mystic Falls and also expands aggravated when her contact us to Stefan go unanswered. Tyler, that is human again, has an altercation at a football tailgate that evaluates his capability to regulate his temper, while Matt fears that Jeremy is managing the loss of Bonnie in a suicidal means. Alaric, that is battling to adapt to his brand-new life as a vampire, locates himself in an uncomfortable circumstance when he satisfies Jo, an attractive physician at the teaching hospital. Last, while every person thinks Stefan is off tracking a bring about obtain Damon and also Bonnie back, Elena is surprised when she finds out the reality of exactly what he has actually truly depended on.


Yellow Ledbetter

air day: 2014-10-09

Understanding she has to involve terms with the loss of Damon, Elena relies on Alaric in order to help her carry on with her life. Enzo encourages Caroline to join him as he finds a bring about obtain Damon and also Bonnie back, however Caroline is surprised when they make an unforeseen detour and also reveal exactly what Stefan has actually depended on. At the same time, Matt bothers with Jeremy that is hanging out with Sarah, a strange lady that has actually just recently shown up in Mystic Falls. Somewhere else, Tripp, leader of the area security program, makes an intriguing admission to Matt regarding his link to the community.


Thanks for visiting Heaven

air day: 2014-10-16

In an effort to bring some enjoyable back right into their lives, Elena encourages Caroline to satisfy her at the swimming opening where she prepares to present her to Liam. Tyler, still working with regulating his temper problems, asks Liv for a support and also is shocked when she makes an unforeseen admission. Stefan gets here back in Mystic Falls seeking Enzo and also is captured unsuspecting when he notifications a weird adjustment in Elena. At the lake, Enzo’s activities create Matt to make a stunning discovery, and also Jeremy makes an exploration regarding the anti-magic spell that might possibly place Elena’s life in risk. Somewhere else, Damon and also Bonnie come across ideas that lead them to think they’re not the only one.


Great void Sunlight

air day: 2014-10-23

When Damon and also Bonnie understand that revealing a time in Damon’s past could supply ideas to discovering their means residence, Damon is compelled to experience again among the most awful days of his life. After an uncomfortable encounter with Jo at the health center, Alaric action in in order to help Jeremy obtain his life with each other and also deal with the loss of Bonnie. Somewhere else, Stefan tries to reveal Elena exactly what it resembles to begin again and also produce a brand-new identification, while an unwary Matt locates himself in a troubling circumstance when Tripp allows him know a dark key. Last but not least, Stefan, that is hopeless to gain back some normality in his life, is surprised when an unforeseen site visitor appears.


TheGlobe Has actually Transformed and also Left Me Below

air day: 2014-10-30

With Homecoming nearby, Elena welcomes Liam to participate in a celebration at the corn puzzle with her. Rather than going to the homecoming celebrations, Caroline is busied after Stefan appears all of a sudden and also requires her aid tidying up a mess developed by Enzo. Following Elena’s guidance to be extra social, Alaric unwillingly participates in the celebration, however a disastrous crash swiftly leaves him and also Jo hurrying to conserve lives. Somewhere else, Tyler locates himself in an unsafe placement when his monster curse is tested, and also a mentally embattled Stefan comes tidy to Caroline regarding his intent to carry on from Mystic Falls. Damon and also Bonnie make a crucial exploration that impacts their mission to obtain back residence.


TheExtra You Neglect Me, The Closer I Obtain

air day: 2014-11-06

When Alaric understands that Jo can not be forced, he asks Elena to do some excavating right into her history. After finding out that Enzo has actually been recorded by Tripp, Caroline join Matt and also Stefan to save him prior to Tripp discovers their real identifications. Equipped with some brand-new info regarding her past, Sarah burglarize Tripp’s workplace and also is shocked when she locates Matt there, doing some examining of his very own.


Do You Keep in mind the Very first time?

air day: 2014-11-13

When the past returns to haunt her, Elena is compelled to encounter her issues directly. After an evening out at the yearly Whitmore Medical Facility Fundraising event, Jo opens to Alaric regarding her very own unfortunate past. Somewhere else, Tyler and also Liv expand better, and also Damon comes across a stunning hint that restores his hope.


Fade Into You

air day: 2014-11-20

As Caroline and also Elena prepare to host Friendsgiving at the dormitory, they obtain some confident information from Alaric and also Stefan, that have actually taken a trip to Rose city to collect some info relating to the Gemini Coven. Tyler is established in order to help Liv after she and also Luke disclose some troubling info regarding their witch family tree and also the approaching strategies their coven has for them. At the same time, supper takes an extreme turn when Jo, that has actually exposed some excruciating information regarding her past, locates herself defending her life, leaving Alaric clambering in order to help from a range.


I Alone

air day: 2014-12-04

Damon locates himself in warm water after he performs a strategy that needs Alaric’s reluctant engagement. Liv assists Damon and also Elena with their strategy to obtain Bonnie back, however when points take an unforeseen turn, she’s entrusted to a tough option to earn. Somewhere else, Matt takes issues right into his very own hands when Enzo’s activities go across the line, and also Kai’s presence remains to be an unsafe risk.


Xmas Via Your Eyes

air day: 2014-12-11

With the vacations coming close to, Bonnie tries to reproduce her preferred practices, while recollecting regarding better times with her pals. Unable to return the home of Mystic Falls for her preferred time of the year, Caroline is shocked when Constable Forbes brings the vacations to her at Whitmore University. After uncovering that Jo has actually gone missing out on, Alaric transforms to Damon and also Elena for aid, while Liv and also Luke locate themselves at chances when Tyler approaches them with a high-risk strategy. Somewhere else, Jeremy assists Matt perform a strategy to remove Enzo however expands worried when Matt takes points also much. Stefan is compelled to damage some terrible information to Caroline.


Awakened With a Beast

air day: 2015-01-22

Extra effective compared to ever before, Kai holds Elena slave while he discovers how to regulate his freshly obtained magic. At the Salvatore manor, Liv and also Alaric aim to prepare Jo for the approaching combine event with Kai, however they swiftly understand Jo is weak compared to they believed. After bringing Constable Forbes residence from the health center, Caroline takes a trip with Stefan to North Carolina trying to find a treatment for her mommy’s cancer cells. Stefan, that has his very own objectives for taking a trip to North Carolina, is captured off guard when Enzo reveals up requiring to understand exactly what Stefan is concealing. Last but not least, when Damon uncovers Elena has actually been abducted by Kai, he is compelled to reassess his technique after an unforeseen site visitor tosses a wrench right into his strategy.


Petition For the Perishing

air day: 2015-01-29

When Liv and also Luke’s daddy gets here to community to commemorate their birthday celebration, they attempt and also encourage him to allow Jo and also Kai take their location in the combine event. After Tyler figures out that the combine is occurring earlier compared to he anticipated, he prompts Liv to allow him talk with her daddy. {At the same time, after Caroline’s strategy to heal her mommy takes a unanticipated and also terrible turn, Elena, Stefan and also Damon collect at the health center, while Jo tries to conserve Constable Forbes’ life.|After Caroline’s strategy to heal her mommy takes a unanticipated and also terrible turn, Elena, Stefan and also Damon collect at the health center, while Jo tries to conserve Constable Forbes’ life.} Last but not least, with the combine collection to happen, Damon’s dangerous strategy swiftly sends out points spiraling out of hand, compeling among the doubles to take issues right into their very own hands.


TheDay I Aimed to Live

air day: 2015-02-05

Figured out to commemorate Bonnie’s birthday celebration, Elena encourages Jeremy that it’s exactly what Bonnie would certainly have desired. After assembling the damaged ascendant back with each other, Elena, Jeremy and also Damon effort to send out Bonnie a message, however the circumstance transforms alarming when they make a disturbing exploration. After revealing Stefan’s secret regarding his great-niece Sarah Salvatore, Enzo gets a hesitant Matt to assist conflict with her life. Somewhere else, Stefan maintains a close eye on Caroline as she unconventionally tries to deal with whatever taking place around her.



air day: 2015-02-12

It’s Jeremy’s last day in Mystic Falls and also Elena places on a take on face as they recollect regarding their past. Stefan and also Caroline locate themselves expanding better as they prepare Caroline’s household cabin for her mommy to endure her last days. While evacuating her workplace, Constable Forbes relies on Damon for aid fixing among her continuing to be open situations entailing Elena’s moms and dads. Somewhere else, when a terrible conflict with Enzo leaves Jeremy asking yourself whether he needs to leave or otherwise, Matt locates his very own life on the line after Enzo draws him and also Sarah Salvatore right into his harmful strategy.


Allow Her Go

air day: 2015-02-19

After appointing jobs per of her pals, Caroline tries to handle her existing circumstance as truth starts to embed in around her. While investing the day with Caroline, Elena expands worried when she begins seeing a weird adjustment in her actions. At the same time, Alaric comes to be careful when Kai, that has actually started experiencing unanticipated repercussions from the combine, relies on Jo, hopeless for her aid. Somewhere else, while Bonnie locates herself in an unknown circumstance, Matt and also Tyler ponder a significant life adjustment. When Damon uses Caroline guidance on ways to deal with whatever taking place around her, it compels him to review excruciating memories entailing his very own mommy.


TheDownward Spiral

air day: 2015-03-12

After turning off her mankind adhering to the fatality of her mommy, Caroline provides her pals an unforeseen demand. Unknowning ways to deal with the brand-new Caroline, Stefan’s effort to interfere trigger an unsafe chain of occasions, leaving him and also Elena in a race versus the clock. After looking for responses from Kai regarding the jail globe, Damon’s globe is transformed upside when he finds out some terrible information regarding his mommy Lily. Somewhere else, Enzo locates himself coming to be progressively interested by Sarah Salvatore, and also Bonnie starts to fight with the impacts of being back in the real life.


A Bird in an Opulent Cage

air day: 2015-03-19

With the aid of Bonnie and also Kai, Damon and also Elena stated a strategy to rescue Damon’s mommy Lily, that is entraped in the 1903 jail globe. When Caroline’s strategy for Stefan backfires, she is left to select up the items. Somewhere else, back at Whitmore University, Enzo and also Alaric’s effort to reel Caroline back in does not fairly go as intended when they understand they’re defeated. Last but not least, an unforeseen present from Bonnie leaves Damon drunk to his core.


I Never ever Might Love Like That

air day: 2015-04-16

With their mankind switched off, Stefan and also Caroline start creating chaos at Whitmore, leaving Damon to find up with a high-risk strategy entailing Lily. After hurrying in order to help Jo deal with targets of Stefan and also Caroline’s most recent eliminating spree, Elena uncovers Jo is expecting, triggering her to reassess her very own life as a vampire.


Due to the fact that

air day: 2015-04-23

Duke it outing whether to inform Elena regarding the remedy, Damon raises their future with each other and also exactly what life would certainly resemble if they just weren’t vampires. At the same time, it’s all practical deck when efforts to quit a humanity-free Caroline does not go as intended. Somewhere else, when Bonnie uncovers that Damon has actually betrayed her count on, she takes issues right into her very own hands, triggering a chain of occasions that leaves Damon managing the results. After being compelled to encounter his terrible past, Enzo establishes out for responses and also is shocked when he finds out the reality regarding the day he was transformed right into a vampire.


I would certainly Leave My Delighted House For You

air day: 2015-04-30

As Alaric and also Jo unwillingly join their bachelor and also bachelorette events, Damon and also Elena review the implications from a spontaneous deal that Damon makes. Unclear of exactly what to do, Elena relies on Bonnie and also Jo for guidance, however is left clashed when Bonnie elevates some unexpected worries. When Enzo understands Lily gets on an unsafe down spiral, he asks Stefan in order to help interfere prior to it’s far too late. Fed up with the mythological risks that torment their community, Matt takes his disappointments out on Tyler, while Alaric takes into consideration a life-altering item of guidance.


I’ll Joined You In The Golden Summer season

air day: 2015-05-07

It’s Alaric and also Jo’s big day and also Elena and also Bonnie do their ideal in order to help a stressed Jo with the eleventh hour prep works. After revealing some life-altering information that Damon has actually been avoiding him, Stefan takes his sibling on a trip to provide him some viewpoint on his future with Elena. Somewhere else, when Caroline go back to Mystic Falls after managing the results of her humanity-free rampage, she starts apologizing with her pals and also involves an awareness regarding her and also Stefan’s leads of being with each other. When Bonnie starts having brilliant headaches that Lily is coming after her, she gets Matt’s aid in taking Lily down.


I’m Considering You At the same time

air day: 2015-05-14

In the after-effects of Alaric and also Jo’s effective weddings, points take a significant turn when an unwanted visitor appears, leaving Elena in horrible risk. Regardless of Matt’s guidance to leave community to safeguard herself, a bold Bonnie takes issues right into her very own hands after discovering herself on the getting end of a twisted strategy. As Stefan and also Caroline get to a psychological byroad in their partnership, a get-together with Liv leaves Tyler confronted with a choice that might transform his life permanently. Lily’s negligent activities create Stefan to understand the sizes to which his mommy will certainly go to rejoin with her “family.” Lastly, after a disastrous chain of occasions, Damon is compelled to make the most tough choice of his life.

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